March 23rd 2017

We can't help falling in love with the spectacular audience in Onex! Merci Les Spectacles Onésiens, merci to everyone! read more

March 22nd 2017

Merci Onex! Merci Les Spectacles Onésiens for a wonderful welcome, great cooperation, amazing staff and a sold out show! See you again tomorrow! read more

March 21st 2017

Bonjour Onex, Switzerland, Bonjour Geneva, Switzerland! We are very much looking forward to both shows at Les Spectacles Onésiens! See you tomorrow and on Friday at 7.00PM. read more

March 12th 2017

Paris! See you today at 2.00PM for the last of four shows at the Le Trianon! read more

March 11th 2017

Paris! We love you! Merci! Any women impressed? read more

March 11th 2017

Amazing audience at the Le Trianon! Merci! And...greetings to all five super sympathetic sisters! read more

March 10th 2017

What a lovely night! Merci Paris! Merci Le Trianon! read more

March 10th 2017

Bonjour Paris, France, Bonjour Le Trianon! We are getting ready for the show tonight at 8.30PM! See you at the Trianon, today, tomorrow and Sunday! read more

March 9th 2017

Merci Lille, France! Merci Théâtre Sebastopol! And many thanks to all our fans from Belgium who came to the show, veel dank! read more

February 20th 2017

Bonjour Lille, France! Bonjour Théâtre Sebastopol !
See you on March 9th 2017 at 8.00PM and laughs first! Laughs first!
Get your tickets! read more