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Charlotte, NC

I just found you wonderful guys and I believe I have now seen all of your videos on youtube. I'm retired and have lots of time. I missed your concerts here but be assured I Will be there when you return. You must return. Your music makes me so happy! Best wishes to you all for the upcoming Holiday Season.



Tryon, North Carolina

My wife and I Traveled 500 miles to see you In North Carolina. We loved the show. You brought my wife to tears with laughter. We hope to see you again.

Bill (aka Luciano)



What a beautiful show in Gainesville Florida!!! I was so grateful to share the stage with you. Such a fantastic memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. My wife and I loved your brilliance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




When will you come back to Israel? Please please come back.

Sam Cadman


United Kingdom

Please come back to the UK. I would love to see you live. Your YouTube videos arn't long enough. I could watch you for hours

Marijke Budding



Thank you for a wonderfull performance last night in Belgium. I haven't laughed like yesterday for a very long time. You guys are GREAT. Thank you :-)

Sarah Roberson


Dallas, Texas, USA

I'm super excited for the chance to get to see you guys in February at your show in Utah! You have inspired me through your videos to pick up violin and I can't wait for the chance to watch you live! I'm so happy Youtube introduced me to you all!



Denver, Colorado, USA

I will keep my eyes open for a Denver concert. You guys are fabulous and I'm so happy YouTube introduced me to you. Your show would definitely be worth the price of a ticket.



Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, USA

I am really hoping that you guys make your way to Pittsburgh one of these days. I love the videos I've found on YouTube and I would love to see a live show! Keep making great music!



Northern Ireland

Discovered your videos on youtube during a really bad week and you brought a smile back to my face. Can’t seem to stop watching and find something new each time to be amazed by. Thank you