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Deena Bronemann


Lehi UT

What an amazing show! We had no idea what to expect and were thrilled with what we saw. When you finished your show I had to ask my husband what time it was - you kept me enthralled so much I had no idea how much time had passed. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.




Just passing by to say that you now have a fan in Brazil! I’m loving all the videos from the group! Congratulations for the talent and criativity! Amazing!!

Hollis Dixon


Provo, Utah,USA

My wife and I just returned home from your show in Provo, Utah where we were fortunate enough to have front row seats. We laughed so hard that my whole body aches. I had seen some of your YouTube videos, which are great, but your live show is so much better. I truly don’t know what to say about this wonderful show, except that it was a wonderful way for my wife and I to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the night I proposed. Thanks for coming to Utah.

Mikael Spånslätt



I thank you for many laughs on Youtube. I hope to see you sometime here in Gothenburg in the future.

Debbie and my dad Robert


Parksville BC and Perth Western Australia

My dad and I just watched hours of your YouTube videos (until nearly 2am). We both think you are fantastic. We laughed all night and are in awe of your talent. Please come to Perth Australia where I live. Also a concert on Vancouver Island (maybe the Nanaimo Concert Theatre) so Dad could go. Love your videos. Now to see a live concert. :)) Thanks for the laughs and the music.



Las Vegas USA

Went to visit my son (33), showed him a video of your group, he was so captivated, we spent the whole day watching all of them.



Hong Kong

This string quartet is amazing! Your ideas are really funny and your playing are beautiful too! Your videos are my favourite on youtube now. Thank you for bringing us so much joy!




We got a plenty of laughts and positive emotions. That was an amazing concert full of humour and joy. You could represent solid pieces of classical music under funny and creative light. Thank you very much for your performance!



Buenos Aires, Argentina

I met you through YouTube and you have made me discover a world of wonderful music, humor and good taste. I hope to see you sometime in Argentina.




You are great, your videos made me smile every time, thank you for all the high level music-events. Maybe someday you could find free time to visit my country, Happy new year dear artists.