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Veronica Chacon



dear gentlemen ! thank you for your amazing work !!!! please let me know when you ll be in london or around... for nowon, i have just discover you on fb, youtube but would love to see/listen to you live... best regards ... thank you again... veronica:)

Benny Darret


Dear Gentleman, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and funny evening I just spent in the concert hall. Wishing you all the best and a happy new year. Kind regards, Benny Darret




Thank you! Danke! Dzienkuje! This show tonight was one of the best events in Bremen I have ever seen. I was laughing, moved to tears and enjoyed the time with you! There is some other artists in Germany which try to bring "classical music" to the audience the funny way. But NOBODY, absolutely NO-BO-DY does it the way you do it. High class, intelligent entertainment! Thank you again! You just got a new, huge fan!

Christa Karin Woest



Meine Begeisterung wird lange über 2013 / 2014 anhalten !!!! Den "Konzertbesuch mit "FREUDENTRÄNEN" teilte ich mit GÜNTER und TOBIAS - Mann & Sohn .im KOLOSSEUM / LÜBECK .... Als "SCHLUSSLICHT" erwarb ich noch eine DVD und hatte den Genuß, die hochbegabten "lustigen VIER" mit einem persönlichen vorsichtigen "SCHULTERSTREICHELN" zu verabachieden ! .... Das Jahr 2013 entglitt mit KÖSTLICHEM !!!! ... ERFREULICH FRIEDLICHES in ZUKUNFT für meine neuen munteren MUSIKFREUNDE !!!! ....... v. CHRISTA KARIN WOEST




Please come to Frankfurt/Main !!!




I love polska and I love your's music.You were great and incredible. I was in polska 2 month ago so I wish I could see you .. Finally I would like to listen again .. see you guys ...

Yee Ting



Hi guys, I've always wanted to attend your performance. So please come to Singapore to perform, I would have my parents to bring me to watch your splendid performance^^



the Netherlands

Dear gentlemen, I have seen you on youtube: thats FUN! When are you performing in the Netherlands? Greetings, Bert




Dear Gentlemen, It was a pleasure to have you on board our flight back to Switzerland. Next time I bring my violine like you suggested... Your flight attendant, Allie (need to visit your Switzerland performance!)

Susan Zhou



Hey guys, your music and performance are so humorous, enjoyful, rich and colorful that I have never imagine when I planned this for my family 1 months ago. The piano teacher of my 6 year old son advices me to brought him to life show and listen to various music; but your performance has not only broaden the view, but also inspire and delight us! We've asked you to sign on your DVD and my son watched it the next day - still laughed to tears! Now he (and we) loves music more - wow, the classic music is no more serious! Thank you so much! Now I am preparing PPT for him to share the experience of your concert to his friends in the kindergardon. :)