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Dear Gentlemen, It was a pleasure to have you on board our flight back to Switzerland. Next time I bring my violine like you suggested... Your flight attendant, Allie (need to visit your Switzerland performance!)

Susan Zhou



Hey guys, your music and performance are so humorous, enjoyful, rich and colorful that I have never imagine when I planned this for my family 1 months ago. The piano teacher of my 6 year old son advices me to brought him to life show and listen to various music; but your performance has not only broaden the view, but also inspire and delight us! We've asked you to sign on your DVD and my son watched it the next day - still laughed to tears! Now he (and we) loves music more - wow, the classic music is no more serious! Thank you so much! Now I am preparing PPT for him to share the experience of your concert to his friends in the kindergardon. :)

Gordon Wang


Shanghai, China

I really enjoy your performance tonight, and i'm glad to get your autograph!!! You Guys Rock!!!

Denny Goin


SuZhou, China

My girlfriend and I were dropped off by taxi about a kilometer from your performance last night in SuZhou and had to run to the ticket office to buy a ticket before heading to the music hall last night. How splendidly surpirised we were when one of your mates had also been a bit detained. Thanks for an amazing night.




welcome to china! tonight i saw your show,goodshow! andthen.......(I must to learning english),however,love you!!!




I want to say thank you keep doing what you do you shure have mad an old grump smile ! when can we see you in Phoenix Az ? Thank you for your Musical entertainment .

Wander Barreto


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Yesterday was amazing at Sesc Palladium! It was a nice show! Keep around the world! Thank you!

Michelle Permenter



I came across your YouTube videos while searching for a Mozart video to show my orchestra students. We enjoyed your performance immensely! Your excellent musicianship, creativity and humor is a joy to behold, keep inspiring and having fun!

Luís Carlos Paié


São Paulo/Brasil

Não sei o que sentirei quando estiver em um dos Concertos do Mozart Group, sim, estarei muito feliz, mas a emoção será indescritível...até mais Mozart...

Diana Chung


San Mateo, CA

Please let me know when you come to California!