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Olivia Patterson


You gentlemen are the greatest! You're classy and talented. I hope you get to come to Jacksonville, Florida sometime soon.

Please, what is the list of songs in ''Tootsy Woodsy?'' They are all so familiar to me, but the only one I recognize is the last one, Can Can from Orpheus in the Underworld.

Olivia Patterson

Maria Grazia


Gentlemen, thank you. I’ve just finished watching your “Best Of” dvd and it was an amazing experience. Your shows are not only incredibly funny but also full of imagination and grace. And, of course, very well played music. You make it look so easy to do!:-)
I can only imagine how good it is to see the show live: it looks like you don’t come to Italy a lot, but I’m afraid that’s our fault: we’re too boring and old-fashioned (= fanatic) about classical music…
It’s great to see musicians who love all kinds of music and are so attentive to other cultures.
Now I need to buy another copy of your dvd for my 12-year-old niece who’s just started to play violin and who introduced me to your quartet on Youtube.
You have filled my head with beautiful music and it’s going to stay with me for a long time. As Paganini would say: GRAZIE!!! ;-)
Maria Grazia (Bologna, Italy)



Soy fan de su innovadora forma de interpretar la música. Muchas felicidades Espero pronto puedan venir a la Ciudad de México.

Philip McCormick


We have just returned from your show in Canterbury having travelled over 500 miles especially for your visit to the UK. The show was amazing and the atmosphere around us showed how much we and the audience enjoyed the performance. It was also a pleasure meeting you afterwards whilst getting your autographs. Thanks again for a great night and hope to see you in the UK in the near future (we will be there guaranteed )



I have seen you on TV.You are amazing!We would like to enjoy your performances in NY.



big big fan!hope you guys come to china,I believe you can blow up every concert hall
you stay~

loving you and waiting for you!



A big BRAVO and thank you for the quality of your show !..
We spent an excellent moment.
And what an enjoyment, what a honor to be by your side (O sole mio...), at the end of the show !
Very cordially.
Joël (Barentin - France)



Hello !
I'm a French girl and I've just seen you this afternoon in my town, it was absolutely awesome !!! The show was funny and original, and the music you do is really great, it's exactly how music should always be !! You are all very talented, now i hope i will found things to do such as yours with my flute (i'm kidding of course I will never be as talented as you are !) Of course I have the dvd now but I can't wait to see you again Don't change anything to your show it was brilliant, wonderful and sooo funny !!!
Thank you for all the joy you bring to us



Please come to the UK! You are amazing and I would love to see you here.
best wishes

David Higgins


2014 is too long to wait for you gentlemen to return to the USA. I'm willing to travel to see you, but Europe is a bit too far, I'm afraid. Until then, I shall enjoy your videos!