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dejenme decirles que son un grupo espectacular, me encanta su complicidad y carisma entre uds, son fantasticos. Ojala algun momento tenga la oportunidad de verlos en vivo. Saludos desde Ecuador



Hey! I'm a new and big fan... I'm from the Philippines; I know, it's a long way from there. I posted here to tell you how much grateful I am for your videos on YouTube that I just discovered a few days ago because they made me realize again the one thing I'm most passionate about: Music! And classical at that... Yes, you all made me want to learn to play an instrument if only for the sake of creating music (I want to learn to play the violin so badly, I couldn't sleep because of frustration ), and I resolved to make that dream come true someday, if it's not too late. I hope it isn't.
Each one of you is an amazing and really brilliant entertainer, and really, seriously talented. I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud, because I understand your language. I hope to attend a concert or two of yours someday, maybe once I finish college and earn enough money to travel around Europe....
I can't stop thinking about my dream now, and once it comes true, I will be thanking the four of you!

Tadeu Barbosa


Please, you must to go Brazil!!!!You are the best!!!It´s very funny your show!!



you came to austria only once! :-(

Don't you want us to be happy? hmm?
You guys hate us, uh?

Just kidding - but please try to remember my words everytime you play in our "neighbourhood"

I love you anyways

Greetings from austria



I would love to see mozart in the houston TX from USA because all our family loves them

Maik Spain


I have seen on the internet and is the best show I've ever seen!YOU ARE THE BEST!!


Noam Akkerman


it would be wonderful if you could pay a visit in Israel, i saw the show on youtube and i bet people would kill to watch that show, i know i would. you are amazing and very funny.

natalia solarte


what about colombia, or somewhere at least in latin america? it will be just awesome to have you four around here, such a show to see

José Amaro Vieira


Hi, guys! You're impressive, very talented and an extremely good sense of humor.
Please, when will you come to São Paulo, Brazil?
You'd be surprised with the public that would go to appreciate your show!!!!



You guys are an inspiration!! Love you all. Just discovered your group today and I want your group to play at my wedding someday. Comedy is how I like it!