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I'll always support you guys - you are hilarious!
Thank you for everything ;P



Thank you for making your videos because I
really really like them.

love Scott

age 7



These guys are fantastic. I couldn't imagine what Mozart would think if he were around but I'd bet he'd be ROTFLMAO!



Hello, thank you for wonderful experience because of you on the festival in Kremnica and just in case, but Im sure someone told you that, when you asked "How to impress a woman, when you are a musician" and you heard from the audience "jako", it was "ľahko", what means "easily" i was near, you can trust me Your english, gentlemen, was very cute with polish accent



Dear MozART Group,
I can't wait until you come to Singapore on 1 Nov!!! That is, like, an eternity away... Anyways, I love your performances! It's so unusual and funny. I play the violin too and it was my violin teacher who showed me your performances on Youtube. I love all of your videos!!! Never boring, always humorous. Oh yeah. Today's the 29 of August, right? Happy birthday, Mr. Jaślar!!!



Drahi priatelia,
chcem sa podakovat za bohaty kulturny zazitok, ktory som mala ja a verim tomu, ze aj ti, ktori sa zucastnili Vasho koncertu na Kremnickych gagoch v dnoch 26-27-28. augusta na Slovensku. Ste fantasticki, uzasni, napaditi, talentovani a velmi zabavni ludia, ktori premenili Mozartovu hudbu na kabaret smiechu, zabavy, vtipu a humoru. Fakt vyborna muzika a skvela show )) prajem Vam vela elanu, sil, tvorivosti aj do buducna a verim, ze na Slovensko zavitate castejsie )

I've had fantastic experience from your concert at the festival Kremnicke gagy in Slovakia !!!) You are very talented, creative, fabulous, energetic people )) I love your show and wish you all the best in your future career. Hope to see u soon in SK )

Julio Martinez


Hi, I'm not good at English ... joy come to chihuahua mexico, this is home and happy to be in the Teatro de los Heroes

Anderson Vieira


Sorry my english bad, because I can not speak English law.
I have known you for an email I received from a friend, I found an excellent art of you! The spectacle you do is phenomenal!
I am Brazilian and I would have the privilege to attend a one day show you. Please make a tour here in Brazil, so we can have the privileges that many countries have had to watch you.
Congratulations to you all!
Keep up this unique art!

Barbara Dafler


Please come to Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA. You will be loved!

Douglas Cline


I was recently introduced to your unique style of performance. What can I say? AMAZING!!!

Thank you for a breathe of fresh air in the sometimes starch-laden world of classical performance. Wonderful, superb, and absolutely out-of-this-world!

Please say you will come to Iowa, in the United States. Your appearance would be well-received.

Again, thank you and safe travels.
- Doug