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Himachal Pradesh/India

The moment I first saw your video, I have been obsessed with mozART Group. A new way of music and a great one. Music, coordination, acting; I could go on forever to praise the group, but I greatly appreciate your music and hope to see you Live one day. I want to invite you to India and have a show here, I would surely be one to attend it.




Olá, venham novamente para o Brasil por favor. Suas apresentações são absolutamente perfeitas!

Rita Kuellenberg-Brown



Seen you live on the 18/12/2021 in Berlin !! Great Show !!! It was a mix with old and new Slapsticks. Classics like "How to impress a woman", or "Variation a la Turca", or Healthy Music" or my favourite "Tootsi Woodsy" made this evening very special ! I travelled 6 hours to get there, but it was well worth it !!!!! See you this year in Beyreuth !! I wish you all the best. Stay safe and in good Health !!



New York City

Saw you guys on TV in Prague (Polívka program). Awesome entertainment ! Great music, very funny, and very original ! Don’t be shy and come to New York! Carnegie Hall is ready for you, as is Broadway !!!




Saw you at Bobino on Friday - you are excellent! No wonder why you have been around for so long. Excellent musicians, actors, great humor and skills. BRAVO

Mark Skeels


United Kingdom

I totally agree with Garry Roberts please come to the UK. Cardiff has some beautiful venues and places to see.

Garry Roberts


United Kingdom

I know we acted irresponsibly and left the EU but is there is any chance that if we all said sorry you can forgive us and come and visit the UK?



Perth, Australia

Hi I know everyone wants you to visit. But, there has been no mention of Australia! I am looking forward to you fixing that one day! Regards Andrew

Johanna Ute


Bremen - Germany

Having serched trough you whole website I could nof find any clue, whether there is a chance, that you will visit the northern part of germany again? Since 2014 (Hannover, Lübeck) its really high time, that you will come again, so we can listen to a broader acustical spectrum, than youtube is able to deliver! With longing greetings, Johanna Ute



Vancouver, Canada

Come to Vancouver, your shows will sell out so fast!!!