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Mário Sousa


I'm Mario from Espinho, Portugal where you will give a concert and I'm very anxious to see you. You play very well and your music is very good. I play bass trombone but I know how to distinguish very good violin, viola and cello players from those that don't play well

I'll see you in Espinho
Mário Sousa



Hi guys,
my name is Simon, I'm 21 years old and I also play the violin - now in the 16th year. I just wanted to leave a short comment saying that I really love what you are doing!!It was so much fun watching your Best of DVD, thanks a lot!!
Best regards from Germany,

John Szabo


I just discovered you guys on You Tube. You are brilliant!!
Please please come to Australia soon.



Today concert in Tallinn was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!



Just came from the show held in Tallinn 17.05.2011. On 10 point scale i'd give you 14 points. Your show and music will be from now on the recipe for gloomy days. Nothing but the bestest words for you performance. Thank you!

Harm van Eerten


Hi Guys,
Just received an email with a link to your youtube clip with Bobby McFerrin. I had tears in my eyes from laughter. I always liked Mozart and I really envy you that you can clown around with him as he himself would have liked to . Hope you come to Holland soon. You're GREAT!!



You are awesome! I am a musician too and I hope one day I will get to be like you guys. I mean, you are totally awesome. The first time I saw a video of you on Youtube, the first thing in me mind was, "Not another classical video..." At the end, I am glad you made me eat my words. It was anything but boring. Since then, I have made it a point to tell all my friends to watch you on Youtube. (They love your videos too!)I can't wait until you come to Singapore...



You guys HAVE to come to Canada! Montreal would love to have you!

Alexis Batista


Vou dizer em meu idioma mesmo vocês são FANTASTICOS... Parabéns.

Carlos Marighetto


When you guys going to Brazil ?
Remind me, ok ?