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San Jose, CA, USA

A relative sent me a link to one of your videos, and I was instantly addicted to your music! I hope you are able to visit the US again once the pandemic is over... I would love to see you in person.



Hephzibah GA

Found your group, you are truly an amazing and talented group. My daughter plays the violin too. Can't wait to see more.




I love your performances ! It makes me happy & smile in all day long.

Lynne and John


Koh Samui

Found you on YouTube, love your work. Thank you so much.

Aysenur Karatas



Hi! I admired the violin and cello thanks to you. Thank you so much. I hope one day you will come to Turkey. I love you very much. Do not miss the smile on your face.

Michelle Caron


Fergus, Ontario, Canada

Love you all, thank you, your music has been a joy for me during coved. It will be always a breath of fresh air for me. h I hope to see more video of you on You Tube. I am a senior citizen but I will still rock with Filipino, waltz with Michael, tango with Pawel and any dance with your celloist. Bye from Canada

Rebeca Lopez


Chihuahua, Mexico

Hello good night, I only want to let you know that I love you very much!!, I love to watch your videos in youtube, my little daughter loves to watch you also, you bring joy to me, lots of joy !!! Thank you for all the happiness you give to us. Happy New Year and have a wonderfull year !! Best Regards. Rebeca Lopez



Хабаровск Россия

Очень понравилось ваше творчество! Заезжайте к нам!

Diva Mazaya



Hello! Greetings from Indonesia, from South-east Asia. Yes you guys are so cool and amazing! MozART Group are always be my ‘practice spirit’ during this kind of situation. I hope that someday i can meet you guys all and come to your offline show! Stay safe and stay healthy MozART Group! :)

Mame Wood



I take care of a friends toddler. The little guy is endlessly amused by the Mozart Group, and I love the good classical music and humor. Thank you for many enjoyable hours!