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Diva Mazaya



Hello! Greetings from Indonesia, from South-east Asia. Yes you guys are so cool and amazing! MozART Group are always be my ‘practice spirit’ during this kind of situation. I hope that someday i can meet you guys all and come to your offline show! Stay safe and stay healthy MozART Group! :)

Mame Wood



I take care of a friends toddler. The little guy is endlessly amused by the Mozart Group, and I love the good classical music and humor. Thank you for many enjoyable hours!

Jeannette Marie Byrne



I could watch you all the Mozart Group forever but I have to stop to eat and other necessities. You are the most wonderful talented, entertaining and funny group that I have ever seen and listened to. Blessings and may you entertain forever so wonderful.




Thank you for your incredible show! We were absolutely impressed! You and your production are unique and perfect! Moreover thank you to give us a very calm, funny and enjoyable hour when we could run away from the ordinary day, and we could go home with smile on our faces. :) Dziękuję Ci!



Budapest hungary

Amazing show, enjoyable surprising and absolutely creative!! Thanks for giving lots of emotions and for reinventing classical music in a brilliant and humours way... this is pure art and so inspiring for my kids of 12,5,3 that assisted with enthusiasm through all the show!

Wendy Timms


London. CANADA

You all have been nothing short of a breath of fresh air during this past year. I love watching and listening to your music. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Kathleen Ianuario


Duncan, South Carolina, U S A

You gentlemen are my favorites! I have watched your videos many times and I love them. You always make me smile! I would like to know when you are performing in the U S A again. Thank you, Kathleen




Hi, I'd just like to say thank you so much for making my years learning violin so memorable. I remember finding you guys on YouTube in 2008 and being so excited you guys were going to be on tour in Singapore. I still have your autographs and CD! Please keep making such lovely and lighthearted music xx You guys are absolutely amazing.

John Mahoney


West Burlington, Iowa USA

I don't know how many years I have left, but after I found your performances About a year ago I have found so much joy I cannot thank you enough. My very best wishes for your future.




Please come to Tokyo!!! During staying home, I've founded your Youtube, then I'm mad at you! I'd like to see you in a hall in Japan to feel your sense, joke, performance, etc., directly! I hope all people who fight against COVID19, must be peace and safely with their performances.