November 27th 2022

“I think a problem for most people in a fiduciary capacity is to eliminate self and greed and all those things so that they can actually be in a fiduciary capacity where the artist comes first or the client, whoever the client happens to be.” / SHEP GORDON #shepgordon read more

November 27th 2022

In Zusammenhang mit unserem gestrigen Gastspiel möchten wir ganz besonders dem Geigenbauer-Ehepaar Geyer-Seilacher in Karlsruhe für die kurze Leihgabe des herrlichen Meistercellos aus ihrer Werkstatt danken. Ja, wenn so manche Airline auf... read more

November 25th 2022

"Alle Künstler nach Bayreuth" Dem schließen wir uns an! Morgen hier: Reichshof Kulturbühne Bayreuth !

Friedrichsforum arte gemini i.c.r. #mozartgroup #lifewelove #genial #durchgeknallt read more

November 10th 2022

Wir freuen uns sehr darauf, das Publikum in Bayreuth zu treffen!
Tatsächlich unser einziger Termin in Deutschland bis Ende diesen Jahres. Tickets:... read more

October 24th 2022

What a nice company! See you tomorrow at the Canterbury Festival!

arte gemini i.c.r. Grupa MoCarta #mozartgroup #lifewelove #artegemini #comedy #classical #therapy Kreston Reeves #quartet read more

October 23rd 2022

A special evening at a special place with very special people. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and everyone who was there. We will be back!

arte gemini i.c.r. Guinness Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
St. Columb's School of Music... read more

October 18th 2022

DOORS 19.30 | SHOWTIME 20.00!
See you this Friday at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin!

#dublinireland #mozartgroup #artegemini arte gemini i.c.r. Grupa MoCarta #lifewelove #ireland read more

October 11th 2022

Hello UK! Grab the last tickets and meet us on October 26th in Canterbury at the Canterbury Festival 2022!

Grupa MoCarta arte gemini i.c.r. #mozartgroup #lifewelove... read more

October 10th 2022

What a joy! Merci Bagneux, merci Victor Hugo Théâtre Bagneux, merci #paris, merci #france!

arte gemini i.c.r. Encore Un Tour #lifewelove #quartet #fun #joy Grupa MoCarta #globetrotters read more

October 7th 2022

October 21st 2022 at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
First time in the Republic of Ireland! See you there!
Tickets? Right here:

arte gemini i.c.r. St. Columb's School of Music Embassy of... read more