January 15th 2023

Hello world! We are very much looking forward to March, April, May and have good news for our friends and fans (...and everyone who might want to become one!) in the U.S.A., Taiwan, Singapore and Romania! See you at the Gallo Center for The Arts, McCallum Theatre, Pingtung... read more

January 12th 2023

We are very pleased to start this year with two new partners. From now on our concerts in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece will be organized by Nika Music Management. In Portugal and Spain it is Ars Luminae who will work with us in the future.

We invite all promoters... read more

January 4th 2023

Das Jahr hat noch nicht richtig angefangen und wir schauen bereits mit großer Vorfreude auf sein Ende!
E guets Nöis, Arosa!

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December 21st 2022

Merhaba Ankara!
Looks like you have a pretty nice concert hall that we haven't performed in yet. That’s why: see you tomorrow at the Cso Ada Ankara 8.00PM, your presence is mandatory!

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December 18th 2022

#AllezLesBleus ! But Air France Fillip wants and needs his luggage back! Encore Un Tour arte gemini i.c.r. #airfrance #mozartgroup #mozartfrance #quartet read more

December 14th 2022

Frankfurt Airport , words for what you are producing here. Surprised by winter again? #Shame

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December 13th 2022

For the last show in France this year we will see you at the Hall de Paris in Moissac - Hall De Paris this Sunday at 5.00PM!

First show in France in 2023... read more

December 12th 2022

Bonjour France, Bonjour Toulouse, Bonjour Mérignac!
See you this Wednesday at the Le Pin Galant (Spectacles et Congrès) ! 20.30!

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November 27th 2022

“I think a problem for most people in a fiduciary capacity is to eliminate self and greed and all those things so that they can actually be in a fiduciary capacity where the artist comes first or the client, whoever the client happens to be.” / SHEP GORDON #shepgordon read more

November 27th 2022

In Zusammenhang mit unserem gestrigen Gastspiel möchten wir ganz besonders dem Geigenbauer-Ehepaar Geyer-Seilacher in Karlsruhe für die kurze Leihgabe des herrlichen Meistercellos aus ihrer Werkstatt danken. Ja, wenn so manche Airline auf... read more