January 11th 2018

Bonjour France, bonjour Paris!
Did you see us already? If not, you can see and hear us from October 3rd until December 16th 2018 at the Bobino Théâtre in Paris with a total of 53 shows! Get your tickets right here:... read more

January 7th 2018

Köszönöm Hungary, köszönöm Pannon Productions! Four great meetings and full houses in Pecs Kodály Központ and Budapest, Hungary. It has been a great pleasure! Boldog új évet! read more

January 7th 2018

Hello Budapest audience! Thank you for the amazing atmosphere today! Two wonderful shows with you! Last show today at 20.00 and ... we are already looking forward to meeting you again as soon as possible. read more

January 6th 2018

Great audience at the Kodály Központ! Köszönöm and ... Budapest, get ready for three shows tomorrow! read more

January 5th 2018

Tomorrow Mozart Comes to Town! To the Kodály Központ in Pécs!

...and on Sunday we will meet the audiences at three shows in Budapest. See you there!

... read more

December 23rd 2017

Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2018 to everyone!

Our warmest merci, thank you, תודה, dankon, dziekujemy, 謝謝, شكرا, gracias, danke, धन्यवाद, obrigado goes to all, who made it a wonderful year for us... read more

December 22nd 2017

Hello, Bonjour, Nihao, Dzien dobry!
And here it is, finally! Our brand new DVD with the new show “Mozart comes to town”. The show is a medley of impressions from many countries and countless meetings with you: our audience! To us this very special DVD is a resume of... read more

December 21st 2017

Finally, with great pleasure and best wishes for a great Christmas time and a prosperous 2018 we are proud to invite you to have a look at the brand new DVD "Mozart Comes to Town"! In 1995 the MozART group began to travel the world. Now, after more than 20 years, 50... read more

December 21st 2017

The one-hour interview "A Common Spirit" is part of the 2017 DVD "Mozart Comes to Town". The MozART group presents its points of view on music, friendship, travel, coughing audience, private life, small cities in China (over 3 Million), happy Americans, the Beatles in Taiwan,... read more