November 30th 2023

Fun is everywhere and we not only defy the seriousness of concert halls, the gray everyday life of musicians, sworn melomaniacs, rock, rap and pop fans who flee from classical music. We also brave the cold and heat up! December, January and February are filled with shows in... read more

November 30th 2023

Arrrrooosaaa! Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude. Noch 16 Tage, 365 Kurven, ordentlich Schneeschaufeln und wir sehen uns wieder! 15.Dezember, 21.00h, #Tschuggenzelt ! Alle, die noch kein Ticket haben:... read more

November 9th 2023

On November 6th, our Father, Mentor, Friend and pretty often Director - Krzysztof Jaślar joined Artur and all the Great Unforgettables. Be with Him and with us on November 16th, when we will say goodbye for the last time.

What an extremely strong support on the... read more

October 24th 2023

Well, there is some untold stories from Hollywood and only we know what it really was like. Will be happy to share this with our international audience at the right moment...You will not believe, what Marilyn told Darth Vader... You will not believe it...

... read more

October 22nd 2023

It was a great pleasure meeting you all in Santa Maria da Feira! Absolutely wonderful audience! Obrigado! arte gemini i.c.r. Cineteatro António Lamoso read more

October 5th 2023

Boa noite Portugal! On October 21st we will be visiting you again! See you at 9:30 p.m. at the Cineteatro António Lamoso in Santa Maria da Feira! Tickets are available here:

#mozartgroup #quartet Ars... read more

October 4th 2023

Hello out there! Tickets for one of the most amazing events this year just got available online! We always do very much look forward to every event that comes our way. However, there are places, ideas, people and stages that stand out immensely and one of these is the Arosa... read more

September 13th 2023

Diesen Sonntag, 18.00h, sehen wir uns im Campus Buschhütten!
Wir grüßen in Vorfreude und reisen aus #VierSaitenderWelt an!

Kreuztalkultur arte gemini i.c.r.
#mozartgroup #artegemini... read more

September 6th 2023

It's been a long time since our last performance in Luxembourg. That's why we're looking forward to this Saturday all the more! 5.00PM at the Centre Culturel Paul Barblé in Commune de Strassen! See you there!

Encore... read more

July 18th 2023

Grazie Lugano!
Siete meravigliosi! Alla prossima! Ma non tra dodici anni!
LongLake Lugano arte gemini i.c.r. #mozartgroup #longlake #lifewelove #artegemini read more