May 21st 2022

We are beyond grateful for everything we had the chance to experience in Israel this week. Our thanks go first and foremost to the extraordinary audience. Many thanks to the Bimot Global בימות גלובל team, arte gemini i.c.r. and everyone who made this tour possible.... read more

May 20th 2022

An amazing day with two shows at the The Israeli Opera - האופרה הישראלית . Many thanks to the outstanding, lovely audience and to all who made this tour possible. See you tomorrow in Haifa at the Auditorium!

arte gemini i.c.r. Bimot Global בימות... read more

May 19th 2022

Toda raba! Full house in Jerusalem תיאטרון ירושלים today! We enjoyed it very much. See you tomorrow two times in Tel Aviv! Saturday in Haifa!

arte gemini i.c.r. #lifewelove Bimot Global בימות גלובל #mozartisrael #mozartgroup #bimotglobal read more

May 18th 2022

Shalom! Arrived and enjoying Tel Aviv! See you tomorrow in Jerusalem, Friday in Tel Aviv and Saturday in Haifa.

Bimot Global בימות גלובל The Israeli Opera - האופרה הישראליתAuditorium Haifa arte gemini i.c.r. Grupa MoCarta תיאטרון... read more

May 6th 2022

Boker Tov Israel!
Four shows in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa are on our tour schedule from May 19th - May 21st 2022 and it's only two weeks from today! For these weeks "we can't sleep at night"!
We are sending you a special invitation with thanks to Hanan Ben... read more

May 4th 2022

בוקר טוב ישראל!
Wonderful news: we will be performing an additional, second show at The Israeli Opera - האופרה הישראלית in Tel Aviv on May 20th at 9.00PM! Get your tickets!
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May 1st 2022

Shalom Israel!
We almost can't believe it but...yes! We will meet you in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa between May 19th and 21st 2022!
Get your tickets and join us at the תיאטרון ירושלים Jerusalem Theather, The Israeli Opera - האופרה... read more

March 20th 2022

Ville de #Puteaux Paris! See you tonight, 5.00PM at Salle Gramont, Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully!

#freeukraine #Unlocked #mozartfrance #mozartgroup #artegemini Encore Un Tour #lifewelove arte... read more

March 18th 2022

A #free day and a walk in #blueandyellow read more

March 18th 2022

Official: Mischa Maisky and family will be performing a fundraising concert in aid of Ukrainian refugees tonight at 8.00PM CET. Live from Waterloo | Belgium:
Your presence or any donation can help!

#freeukraine Musica Mundi... read more